Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Craftsman "The Doll Maker"

Craftsman -The Doll Maker61,660 word General Fiction
The Craftsman is known throughout the centuries as the doll maker. Yet he was forgotten, erased out of the Bible and never mention again. Two thousand years is much too long a time to be forgotten as the teacher of Christ. For only God has granted him the ability to craft a Savior the heavens and Earth know as Jesus.
The story takes place in present day, when the craftsman will take revenge not only on mankind, but on Christ for forgetting his teacher. He is forced to bring Christ back to life, but he takes his time to the world, which he hopes will come to an end before Christ can save them. The craftsman’s revenge is taking the one thing dear to Christ’s heart: mankind.
The world faces the threat of doom from an entity they yet to know. This is because the Craftsman was erased from history, and now this crime must be righted.
The president of the United States, John Stockton, finds himself in a fierce battle with demons, the Craftsman and the world.

Many centuries ago, a man known as the Craftsman walked the Earth with Jesus. He alone was sent by God to craft Jesus into the Savior that all mankind will worship as their idol, and consider their God. The Craftsman, also called the doll maker, had a gift from God to craft humans and animals from dirt. He was the only one with the ability to breathe life into the bodies of anything dead. The Bible states that Jesus was born in a manger and just seemed to appeared out of nowhere, but truth be told Jesus was crafted by the hands of a Craftsman whom was sent by God to grant Mary and Joseph this special gift.

As the years pass and the times of the world moved forward the Craftsman was never mention again, the religious leaders omitted him from the bibles and all the works of the Prophets that spoke of him. The craftsman has carried hate in his heart, and through his bloodline he vow to seek revenge on all whom has forgotten about him, even if it meant turning his back on Jesus himself.

Welcome to the future where the world needs Jesus more than ever. An angel appears to the descendant of the Craftsman, Mr. Stockton, and gives him a request by God, to craft Jesus into the new world, which will be hailed as the second coming of Christ.

Coffin Cats

Behold! Lend me your ear!

The Coffin Cats have risen from their

graves,their bones have mended,and their flesh has stitched together like cloth.

They have come back for all that have enslaved their clan and have

 engaged their allies into the talk of war.

Foolish men of Pera! You walk in drunkenness- a war approaches

and yet you are asleep at your post! Arise I say! Arise, for three are

born to the royal bloodline to seek out the destroyers of their

people. Arise men of Pera! Your blood will be shed if you don't heed

my warning!